Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This kid is a pain in my .....back

You know I understand that when your preggo you shouldn't lay on your back but seriously you can't be expected to lay on your side 10 months! I was laying in bed watching TV with the hubby and the next thing I know my foot starts tingling, I have never experienced this with any of my other pregnancies I have never had any issues with laying on my back but I have noticed I have had some issues with my back with this pregnancy. When I was in the hospital a few weeks back (you remember that post? well go here if you want.) When I was laying in a semi-reclined position I was having some lower back pain during the contractions (seriously back labor already? I'm in trouble!). Anyways with in a minute of moving to my side the tingling in my foot went away, thats a good thing but my only concern (which really isn't a concern) is I some how always end up sleeping on my back at night I know, I know not good but what can I do my hips hurt from laying on my sides so much. Even sitting straight up on the couch or in a chair my lower back and hips hurt, this sucks I still have 13 more weeks left, yep thats right I will be 27 weeks on Friday. I did figure out last night that I can shove a pillow under my back to give me some relieve on my back so I can some what sleep on my back and give my hips some relief.
Sorry I am complaining, I probably sound like a cry baby huh? I should just suck it up huh? Maybe a visit with my chiropractor will get me to stop my bitching..... Thanks for listening!

Have a Great Day!

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