Monday, June 28, 2010

8 Months Preggo!

32 weeks! 8 weeks left! Whenever I sit here and think about wow I have 2 months left, I'm 32 weeks preggo I think wow I still have some time left, then I think wow I have just 8 weeks left not much farther and we will have our newest addition here! I've been nesting ALOT lately I washed all of our babies clothes, folded them and put them away. I organized all the things that I already have. I've got the diaper bag pretty well packed. I've got my hospital bag pretty much packed, I have some last minute things to be done but mostly I think we are ready to go. I still need to get a nursing bra (I know you probably really don't want to hear it) I am not exactly a small women in the chest and its hard as hell to find a bra that fit. I know, I know TMI but I have to go to a specialty store to get my bra's and seriously even at the specialty store doesn't carry many in my size. So finding a nursing bra that fits is very hard to do. I do want to buy some swaddling blankets too, just a few. I found this really cute one and bought it. The hubby thinks I'm crazy because its cow print but seriously isn't it so cute??

My mom thinks I'm nuts because she says alot of my baby stuff is gender neutral but I'm sorry cute is cute!

If you to think this is cute you can find it online at babies are us the brand is Sozo.

I am super excited that we will soon have another little girl to love on. I can't wait!

Well are you waiting for my update on how things are going? Sorry I got a bit side tracked.
Things are going well, actually they are going as well as they can go being 8 months preggo in the summer with it being very hot and muggy. I have been very tired and wanting to nap but for some reason my stupid butt won't nap when Kara naps (go figure). I haven't been sleeping very well, with getting up with Kara when she is having her little issues and having to pee all the damn time. I've get nauseated again here and there but its not constant, so thats a good thing. at my appointment 2 weeks ago I had gained a total of 13lbs. I'm hoping I don't gain to much weight since I was overweight to begin with, but the doctors haven't said anything about my weight gain anyways (again probably because I was already overweight). I have my next appointment on Thursday so I guess we will see were my weight has gone since the last time.
Baby is still sitting sideways, so that is a concern of mine but everyone keeps telling me don't worry she'll move into place we have plenty of time, I know we do but it still worries me that she may not turn she seems to be confortable sitting in my tummy sideways (but believe me its not comfortable for me!)
I decided to take 2 8 month pictures this week because I was wearing a dress so I didn't know if you could get the full affect of the belly so here is my 2nd picture!

I don't know if its my imagination but it almost looks as though baby has dropped (I'm not sure how she could though with the way she is laying). Hope you've enjoyed my update.

Have a Great Day!


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