Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Someones Birthday is coming up!

So we have just 5 days till my Birthday, but honestly no one celebrates my Birthday anymore so lets move on to the fact that there is just 6 more days till Devin's Birthday. Yes my oldest daughter was born the day after my Birthday so basically I have completely lost my Birthday... Honestly it bothers me a little but really I don't care, we joke about it all the time though.
I (or we) decided that this year Devin is not getting any toys for her Birthday, the kids just have way to many toys and they don't use any of them! We have a toy room all set up in the basement, its a finished basement I might add so its not all cold and scary, its actually really cozy down there almost like and apartment, there is a bathroom, tv, futon and even a king size bed. But for some reason the kiddos have a fear of the basement (that will be a completely differnt post).
So this year we made the decision to get Devin a computer for her Birthday, first we were going to get her a netbook seeing as its smaller and more her size, but as we looked at them and spoke to one of the computer experts at Best Buy we chose to go with a slightly larger (more regular size lap top) that is the same price as a netbook and can handle more then the netbook. We went out and bought the computer the other day, now all I need to do is set up the antivirus software and other such things for her so it will be ready on her Birthday. We know she will be super excited since she has been asking for one for some time now. I honestly can't believe how cheap we got it for either! Its a 15 inch screen laptop (so a full size laptop) and after tax we paid $349! Thats the same price as some of the netbooks and they are tiny compaired to the laptops! I know a computer might not be a completely practical present for a 7 years olds Birthday but we've run out of ideas, she doesn't need clothes, she doesn't need toys. So then what do you buy for them? She knows how to use a computer and she will be monitored as well as to what she is doing, I've already set some of the parental controls on it to keep her off of certain websites. So I think we have a basis covered.
I on the other hand have no clue what I want, the hubby as been asking for my list (of course that is only after I mentioned to him that my Birthday was coming up as well). He knows what I really want... A Canon Rebel digital camera. But even I know that its not likely that I'll get that for my Birthday (I'm not stupid, LOL). So what else does a 8 month Preggo women ask for her Birthday when her pregnancy is already over, so there is no point in asking for clothes. He keeps telling me all your going to ask for is baby stuff, but I want to know what exactly is wrong with getting baby stuff for my Birthday if that is what I want? So I asked for the Belly Bandit (hey at least I will put it to use after baby gets here right?). But that list wasn't long enough... I added a few more things to it just to make him happy. So now I have to wait 5 days to find out what he has decided to get me (which why is waiting till my birthday is almost here to even think about what he wants to get me?) Oh well less then a week till I see what he decided on.....

Well I think its time for my after lunch nap so....

Have a Great Day!

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