Monday, June 28, 2010

Its been some time since I last posted and well hey we've actually kinda been busy (surprising I know). I've been nesting a lot with just 8 weeks left till our baby girls gets here, not only that but I have been having a lot of back and hip pain and not sleeping very well, thanks to my little Kara who has been having issues with tummy pain, mosquito bites, fever and constipation. Today it got to the point were it was time to go to the hospital to make sure that she was okay, She broke out in what we thought were hives and sure enough she had so many mosquito bites that she broke out in hives and also has a viral rash from her fever that she had early last week. Needless to say Kara hasn't had a very good week this week, and neither have I since I get to deal with her screaming in the middle of the night. Come to find out Kara is pretty allergic to Mosquito's, she swells up pretty bad whenever she gets bit and it seems that the more she gets bit the worse her reaction. She got bit up a lot on Saturday (even though she had mosquito repellent on) and broke out in hives on Sunday. I took her into the ER to find that we had a few different problems going on. She was pretty constipated (hadn't poo'd in 5 days), she had for sure broken out in hives from the mosquito bites, and she also has a post viral rash from a fever that she had in the beginning of the week. Thankfully everything she was experiencing was mostly minor. The Doc's sent us home with a list of what to do. Basically benadryl for her hives and mosquito bites, and try some different fruits and drinks for the constipation, and well there isn't much we can do for the rash. So once we got home I gave her some apple juice, a fiber gummie (if you remember this post, they work pretty well for constipation) and a prune. with in 2 hours she finally poo'd! We were all so relieved that she finally went poop ( I know weird thing to get excited about, haha). The doctor advised me that me giving her benadryl right at bed time could be causing her tummy pain at night and to give it to her a while before bed. So I tried that and well I'm guessing since she finally went poop and I gave her the benadryl early, she went to bed without fight (which she has been fighting bedtime for a few days) and she slept all night and only woke up once (at like 6 or 7am) and slept till almost 9! I guess we'll see how long that last (I'm not putting my money on it lasting for very long, but at least we got one good day!).

We also got our pictures done yesterday too (before she broke out in hives!). We planned on the getting Brooke's 4 year pictures and Kara's 18 month pictures along with a family picture but things didn't go exactly as planned, so we got Brooke's 4 year pictures, the 3 girls together and a family picture. So enjoy the pictures! :)
This is our Family June 2010 (me 8 months preggo, Devin 6-almost 7, Brooke 4, and Kara 19 months)
Kara really didn't want her pictures taken (you can see she has tears in her eyes)
We tried to get the best pictures we could with Kara being upset.
I would have to say this is the best one of the 3 of them
This is one of my favorites of Brooke

This is my 2nd favorite of Brooke (shes a bit sassy in this one)

Isn't she sweet?

Brooke is 4 years old!

If by chance you are wondering why we didn't get Devin's 7 year pictures done its because she gets her pictures taken 2 times during the school year so we consider those her pictures for the year (because she always looks so cute so we have to buy them! I wish the scanner worked so I could scan her last set of pictures she got done, we forgot that she was getting her pictures done that day so we didnt even dress her up or do her hair but she still looked so cute that we had to order the whole pack of pictures! And if your wondering were we get our pictures done... We get them done at Kiddie Kandids and have for the past 7 years! (ever since Devin was 3 months old).

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