Saturday, July 17, 2010

35 weeks!

Okay So I won't be 9 months until next Friday but what the hey we'll do an update now. I'm 35 weeks as of Friday and I had my appointment this week. I gained another 4lbs since my last appointment 2 weeks ago (bummer) and I hate to admit it but hey whatever I am now at 221. I was hoping to not go past 220 but obviously that didn't happen. So far that brings my total weight gain to 17lbs from my prepregnancy weight. which I guess that is not to bad. Baby is still looking good heart rate in the 140's (which is normally is). She is now head down, I was worried about that because she was transverse for so long, but hey at least she is now head down. Doctor measured me belly and said I am about were I am suppose to be, but I kinda got a glimpse at the tape and looked like it said 31cm which would be 31 weeks (when it should be saying 35cm) but then again I might have been measuring small all along but I don't know. The doctor also told me that if I go into labor now that I can have the baby! Now I am geeked yes I can have the baby any time now. But I know that at 35 weeks its still a bit to early to be having the baby, I just wish the doctor hadn't told me that because I really want this baby out now, but I know I need to wait a few more weeks. But then again its all up to the baby of when she is coming out! (even though I have been contracting alot lately, but nothing timable). I am trying to be patient but with the contraction and the very uncomfortable heat lately I am so ready for this kiddo! But knowing my kiddos, this one will wait. :) So I sit here being uncomfortable and trying to stay as patient as I can.
Tomorrow we will be going to a family reunion at the lake so at least I will be able to stay cool tomorrow. :)

Have a Great Weekend!

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