Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Not My "Little" Girl!

Girly discussions ahead not to much TMI but may be for some......

Do you read parent magazine? Well I do and while I don't always have a specific article in each monthly mag that catches my eye, after what I noticed this weekend with my own child I had to read the as they grow article for 7-8 year old since my oldest daughter herself just turned 7 two weeks ago. The article was titled "How to keep your kids from growing up too Fast" the main part of the article that caught my eye was this:

The term 'tween used to mean kids just shy of their actual teens -- that is,
10-to 12-year-olds. But these days, children as young as 7 or 8 are being
lured into the 'tween mind-set. Sure, they're still drawn to more
age-appropriate American Girl dolls and Zhu Zhu Pets, but they're also
getting barraged with suggestions that there are way hipper, cooler,
older things to explore -- like cell phones, celebrity-inspired fashions, American Idol, PG-13 movies, and makeup or spa parties.

I have to admit that I let my girlie's watch ICarly, Victorious, Big Time Rush (BTR) and other "older" shows on Nickelodeon. We joke when they talk about thinking that a celebrity boy is cute, like the fact that Brooke has a crush on James from BTR. We try to explain that they are both still to young to be having boyfreinds or kissing boys. My poor neighbor, both my daughters have a little crushes on her son (who is about 10 or 11). I feel for the poor boy as my daughters are constantly trying to play with him, which he doesn't mind until my 2 begin hanging on him and trying to kiss him. I tell them constantly to leave the poor boy alone he doesn't want to be hung on or kissed. Devin says she is going to marry him (actually so does Brooke) and they both say he is thier boyfreind. I have tried to explain to them (mainly Devin) that for one she is to young to have a boyfreind and he can't be her boyfreind unless he actually agrees to it. Devin asked me just yesterday if she was old enough to have a boyfreind now that she is older then 6. She believe that since she is now 7 years old she is old enough to have a boyfreind, my immediate reaction was NO! I told her that when she turns 16 she will be old enough to have a boyfreind (which I am not stupid I am sure she will have one before then but we'll deal with it then). She is already asking for a cell phone and if you keep up with my blog then you know she got a lap top for her Birthday, she is constantly asking to wear makeup. Which I don't mind if she is playing dress up or playing with play makeup but she won't be wearing it just any where (which she keeps trying to get me to allow her). I really don't want my kiddos to grow up to fast but I know that its going to happen they are going to grow up and she is getting older and will be going into 2nd grade this year. I think I can keep her from mentally growing up to fast but then I seen this part of the article:

Over the last decade -- for reasons that aren't yet entirely clear -- more girls
as young as 7 have started to develop breasts and even pubic hair

This past weekend we had surprising discovery I had bought the girls (Devin and Brooke) new dresses while at Target the other day and on Saturday they wanted to wear them. They looked to cute, and then my mom points something out to me. Devins dress was slightly tighter on top (but not to tight) but there was something very noticable while she was wearing this dress.... Devin is starting to get a boobs! (there were I scream in my head no not my child!) Of course this was before reading the article so I was pretty much freaking out this weekend, telling the hubby OMG your daughter is growing a chest! Don't tell her though because I know how she'll react. So all the adults in the house agreed not to tell her that we noticed a difference, we weren't ready to see her reaction to this, so we kept quite. But then a few house later she comes running down the stairs and yells " I have little Boobies!", I ask calmly were did you hear that? nowhere she tells me I seen them in the mirror! and that was the end of that, she hasn't mentioned anything since (which is really surprising to me and the rest of the adults in the house). Hopefully she doesn't start developing even more for a while, since right now its not to noticable unless she is wearing a tighter shirt (which we can easily prevent).

I know that I am not the only one who has ever gone through this or ever will but already having 4 girls (even when the 4th one ain't here yet) is going to give me a heart attack. I'm already dreading the time when they are all going through puberty and on thier periods at the same time. Oh what a scary thought! Thankfully we still have some time before this occurs....

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