Thursday, July 22, 2010

36 weeks...Hormones! (picture added)

9 Months! Seriously I have been waiting for this day... Well not exactly this day just because I won't be 36 weeks (9 months) till tomorrow but I have mainly been waiting for the day that our baby gets here and well being 36 week or 9 months means that I only have 4 weeks or less left! I had my appointment today, yes I am going weekly now! I've gained 1lb since last week :( but that puts my total weight gain so far at 18lbs from my prepregnancy weight. I'm still measuring a little smaller (still at 31cm, the same as last week), So no belly growth. I believe the baby has dropped because I feel tons of pressure now and pain as well, Good sign right? The doctor did a GBS test (you know Group B Strep test) and also checked to make sure I wasn't leaking any fluid (I have been concerned about that) Good thing is no leakage! She didn't check for Dilation with I figured she would have but maybe didn't because of all the torture she put me through "down there" doing the GBS test and checking for leakage. I have my next appointment next Wednesday, I keep forgetting to ask the docs about doing the induction on the 12th, really is there a point in asking right now, I still have 3 weeks till the 12th anyways and I don't know if they would do, (okay the truth is I am nervous to ask them since I don't know their policy on elective inductions). Maybe I will ask next week, maybe I won't who knows. Maybe the baby will decide to make her appearance on the 12th on her own with out me being inducted, which I would love to see if that would happen, but then would be bummed if she didn't. So I'm conflicted..... Oh I'll post a new pic soon I have been taking belly shots I just have to download them :)

I have been very moody and hormonal lately seriously, my kids are getting on my nerves like crazy! I love them, I sincerely do but OMG can the fight and whine and complain anymore then they already do? Brooke is constantly whining about something anymore and for some reason Devin has taken it upon herself to get on Brooke's nerves and make her whine even more, not to mention Devin does the same thing to Kara to make her cry. Its like all of sudden she has decided that her only entertainment for the summer is to annoy the hell out of her sisters and piss me off. I need to find something for them to do.... They have tons of toys in the basement to play with they have a sandbox and swing set in the back yard, and they even have neighbor kids to play with but yet they are still constantly board and wanting to just sit in front of the tv or computer doing nothing and its got to stop. I was thinking about maybe taking them to the zoo this weekend, hopefully the hubby is up to it. I have a project I want to do to decorate their rooms maybe I will let them get involved with it or find them a project that they can do.... So with that I will be getting off the computer so that we can get them busy doing something.

Have a Great Day!

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