Monday, August 30, 2010

2 weeks have past...

Mommy I've got gas!
So there is my little Carly Mae, she has gas lately but hey at least her gas smiles are cute as hell right? So that brings me to my next thought. We breastfed for 2 weeks but unfortunitly the breast milk was making Carly extremely gassy and she was in ALOT of pain and she was having problems pooping as well. She went 48 hours without pooping and then another 48 hours without pooping. Well on day 14 of her life we made the switch from breast feeding to formula and her tummy problems have been resolved. Unfortunitly there was something in my breastmilk that was upsetting her fragile little belly and instead of trying to eliminate foods and continue watching her suffer in pain we gave her formula. Yes I am extremely bummed out that we are no longer breastfeeding since it helped me to loose 20lbs (well 22 but I ended up gaining 2 back), and I know breast feeding is cheaper and better for my baby. But I am so relieved that she is no longer in pain and screaming all night long. She is now a happy camper.
Today Carly Mae is 16 days old, she is back up to her birth weight and doing well. She finally pooped twice yesterday (after only pooping once in 4 days). I am enjoying my time with her and so happy that she is finally here. The older girlies are enjoying thier baby sister has well. Kara being that she is only 21 1/2 months old is doing very well with Carly and loves her baby sister and even helps mommy out with throwing away diapers and such. She loves to kiss her baby sister and hold her. The older girls love her as well but I think the novelty of having a new baby in the house has worn off for them, because they are no longer begging me to hold her constantly although they do want to touch her alot.
Since Carly is here and its now time for me to start loosing weight again I will be trying to keep up with Fighting the Fat Fridays, obviously I'm not aiming for my prepregnancy weight (with Carly at least) But I still have alot of weight to take off. I'll give all my stats and such on Friday to jump start the new Fighting the Fat Friday. Guess what though? My life is not as Oh So Boring as it normally is... with doctors appointments and errands and a new baby in the house things have been pretty hectic. Thankfully I have my mom to help me out and keep me sane! But speaking of my newly busy life I must go I have bath's to give and errands to run today... Not sure yet if I want to risk taking all 4 kids with me though as its usually pretty hectic with all 4!
Wish me luck!

Have a Wonderful Day!

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