Wednesday, September 1, 2010

updates of some sort.

Carly Mae is now 18 days old and she had her "2 week" check up yesterday. She is now 8lbs 3.2oz and 20 3/4 inches long. She is healthy and looking good, they said she is right down the middle with all of her stats and her color looks great. Which alot of people have told me that she has great coloring. I'm so happy that she is no longer in pain from the gas and that the formula is working so well with her tummy! I know its a bit TMI but she's finally pooping! We've had issues with bedtime and her lately. Okay well its not really issues, she normally wakes up about 10pm and stays up till almost 12am, which means I sleep less because I am still up at 10pm. Last night she actually went to bed before 11pm (thankfully) so hopefully she will be waking up earlier so I don't have to stay up till midnight every night since the kiddos will be starting school next week.
Devin starts the first day of 2nd grade on the 7th! I can't believe my big girl is in 2nd grade already, okay I admit it she is still my baby. No matter what age they are they are still my babies. Brookie will be in preschool again this year. Since she won't be 5 until March she can not start kindergarten until next year. We'll send her back to the preschool she was in before summer vacation, although its a little more expensive. For us (okay more for me) its more convenient because although we pay by the day, I get to pick what day I want to send her and its all day long and really close to the house and since I will still have two other children at home to take care of it will be alot easier for me. She'll go one day a week for about 8 hours, instead of 3 days a week for 2-3 hours. Of course Kara and Carly will be at home with me all week long. I'll have to get back in to helping my Brookie learning her alphabet and writing her letters which she does really well with but we will keep working on it, so she knows what she is doing once she gets to kindergarten. I think I may work with Kara as well even though she isn't even 2 yet I think she may be able to learn a little bit. She knows how to count already, I believe to 10. But that is thanks to her older sisters counting with her.
So once school starts I will probably have to make myself a schedule, and then adjust it to fit Carly's schedule. I'm not good with schedules, actually I am horrible at schedules but hey maybe that is what my life needs now that I have 4 children and 2 that are in school. I need a little more stucture and consistancy in my day. But then I know bummer, I'll have less time for you all, Haha like I really post that often anymore. I have been trying to post more, I guess I could post during nap time, I'll find time for you all.
But I don't think I will start making a schedule for myself until Devin goes back to school because that will be when I will be forced to wake up early every morning so I can get Devin ready for school.
Do you have a schedule? What is it like? How do you handle it? Like I said I have never been one for schedules so I'm not sure how to do this. How do you keep to your schedule when you are exhausted? Shoot how do you get off your butt when you are exhausted? I'm so tired right now, I need to shower and go to the store so that I can get some more formula (don't worry we aren't out... yet). I just want to nap!
Okay I am going to get up and start getting things ready. I swear this is not an illusion!

Have a Great Day

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