Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Carly Mae has arrived (birth story)

Yep thats right Carly Mae has Arrived! Friday I got impatient yes I was 39 weeks and had one more week left, actually I only had 4 days left because I was suppose to be induced yesterday (Tuesday August 17th). But as I said I was getting impatient and really didn't want to be induced I wanted to go into labor on my own (or as close to on my own as possible). So Friday August 13th I did the unthinkable, okay not the unthinkable but most people would say I was nuts. First I had White Castles for dinner ( known for causing bowel issues), then I took some castor oil and ate some pineapple, not exactly sure what the pineapple does but I heard alot of rumors that fresh pineapple helps. So that was just about 6pm when I did all that, by 8pm I started having contractions 2-3 minutes apart. We finally decided at about 10pm to go into the hospital, thinking this might finally be it. I was still only 3cm dilated and about 50% effaced. They monitored the contractions for about 1 hour. After an hour they checked me and I was still 3, the nurse was going to call the doctor and knew he would send me home, so she had me walk the halls. So I walked the halls for a half hour, the contractions were getting stronger but weren't horrible yet after that she waited another half hour to check me and I was dilated to a 4, Yipee your staying she tells me. I was so excited at this point it was 1am. She called the doctor and he said he would be in later to break my water, I tried to take a nap but the contractions were uncomfortable so that didn't work so well. The doctor came in at 2:30am to break my water I was still 4cm but was 60%. I requested my epidural right away, but it took probably an hour or so before I was able to get it. It was wonderul relief to get the epidural as I was in some good pain. I was able to take a little nap from about 5 to 5:30 when the nurse came in to give me some pitocin I guess my contraction were getting farther apart because of the epidural. By about 6:10 am, the nurse checked me again and I was only 6cm. She told me if I began feeling any pressure or pain to let her know. Not soon after, were talking like 10 minutes later I felt some pain so I pressed my little epidural button to get some more meds it took the pain away for like oh 30 seconds. So I pressed it again, this time it didn't take the pain away, so I called my nurse... I am feeling ALOT of pain and Pressure, she comes in checks me again and the baby was right there and I was 10cm (in less then 20 minutes!), they call the doctor and let him know, He was on the floor right above us. He told the nurse to have me do some practice pushes and if I am doing good then he will come down. The nurse told me to push and before I could finish my first practice push she told the other nurse to call the doctor. I did my second practice push and then she told me to stop and candle blow because the baby was right there. We only waited a few minutes for the doctor to get there and he started to "suit up" he told me to push, and then told me to stop because she was coming down so fast. It only to about 5 minutes (maybe 10 I'm not sure) and Carly Mae was born at 6:48am on August 14, 2010. She was a bit bruised at birth because of the fast delivery but the nurse weren't sure at first why, so they gave her some oxygen. She weight in at 7lbs 1oz, but totally did not look that big. She was 21 in long! No one noticed at first (not even the doctors) but Carly has 2 clubed feet, her right foot bend upward, she can touch the top of her foot to her shin bone. The other one isn't so bad, We've already made her appointment to see the orthopedic surgeon that Brooke see's. She also has jaundice and will find out what route will be taken tomorrow at her first appointment, I took her today to get blood work done and her levels are at 15 which is pretty high. They will look at her weight and such tomorrow and decide whether to get another blood draw and see what to do. Hopefully she will not end up in the hospital like Kara did, but we will see tomorrow. I am of course super worried because, when Kara had her levels checked she was at a 15 and by the time we got to the hospital she was 19. We had Carly's levels check yesterday and they were 15, we will have them checked again today, hopefully they have not gone up.

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