Monday, August 2, 2010

The Hubby Gave his Approval

Yes you read that right, The Hubby has given his approval, on what you are probably thinking.... Well at my 35 week appointment my doctor told me that if I went into labor that I had the go ahead to have the baby! I was excited, lets get this kid out! But the Hubby wasn't happy about that and wanted me to wait... Mainly because he didn't want us to have another Birthday in July (since mine and Devin's birthdays are in July). We were joking and playing around last night (I know cute ain't it) and he was making me laugh ALOT and I was having a few contractions, I told him to stop or he might send me into labor, He told me its August now so its okay. We were aiming to having the baby hopefully on the 12th (since we are our own until after 39 weeks) but now that it is August the Hubby has given me approval and said that I can have the baby anytime now! I'm excited about this although I will be waiting a few days, since as I have said before Our kiddos are born either the day before, day of, or day after a holiday or birthday. The Hubby's grandfather's Birthday is on the 5th (he passed away before me and the hubby began dating) I am thinking this could be the day because well I believe in signs, believe me when it has come to our kids we have had many signs from loved ones. But recently the mother in law was playing her daily numbers in the lotto and she normally does not play the hubby's grandfathers birthday but for some reason she just had this feeling to play the number and she won! I could be overreacting but to me that may be a sign that the baby will be showing her face around then! But even if she doesn't show up that day, my grandmothers birthday is the 6th and then Hubby's is the 11th and Brother in law's is the 13th so there are my days that I am aiming for.... Again either the day before, the day of, or day after. If your confused as to what I am talking about let me elaborate... Zachary was born the day after Fathers day, Devin was born the Day after my birthday (and 2 days after the 4th of July), Brooke was born the day before St. Patty's day, and Kara was born on veterans day).
I still think it would be cool to have the baby on the 12th since our first child together was born the day after my birthday so it would be nice to have our last born the day after his birthday, but.... I also think it would be nice to have the baby come on the hubby's grandfathers birthday or my grandmother's birthday. so I am torn, obviously this kid is going to come when she is ready (unless I am induced) so around the 5th (maybe the night before) I will begin trying natural labor inductions, like walking and labor cookies and other such TMI things, and if she is ready then great! If she is not then we will just have to wait till she is, I'll continue with the labor induction techniques on the 6th & 7th and if that doesn't work then I will begin them again on the Hubby's birthday. So basically I am hoping to announce our newest addition with in the next week!
Stayed tooned because you never know it could happen sooner then you think!

Have a Great Day!

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