Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saving money & Doctor appointments

So do you remember this post? You know it was something about being "Crunchy" but not really knowing if I could commit to it. Well Me and the Hubby have been discussing saving money and ways that we could save money and yep as soon as we started discussing saving money I started think a little crunchy only because I know it can help us save money. So I went online (were else would I go?) and started to do some research. I found a website in a magazine (I believe it was mother & baby magazine but I'm not positive about that). But anyways the website is called, I decided to check it out and found that they had some Bumkin All In One Diapers on Clearance. Wow, those are pretty cheap I thought (for all in ones), I started crunching (haha no pun intended) numbers. How long would these diapers last us if I bought X amount and how much would it cost us (approximately) if we were to buy disposables for that amount of time, and wow I have had people do the research for me but when you actually do it yourself it sinks in so much better! I knew this is the way we should go to save money, especially since these diapers were on clearance. So after showing the Hubby my number crunching he agreed to let me purchase the diapers.

So yesterday I took the plunge (as nervous as I was) sorry I know that in the long run we will save tons of money BUT I was just very apprehensive about spending that much money in one purchase. So I did it.... I bought 16 small diapers and 16 medium diapers to last us about 18 months.

This is just an example of one of the diapers I purchased, they had many designs but I couldn't get the picture off thier website to show one of the even cuter designs. I'm excited and can't wait to get the diapers in to see them, obviously we can't try them out right away since baby isn't here yet, unless she comes within the next 5-10 days (since thats what the shipping is on them) haha. Hey you never know she could show up within that time period since well I'm in pain and such. We'll see what happens within the next few weeks. I am anxious to meet this little girl and so ready for her to be here! I'm excited becuase I got my Belly Bandit in the mail the other day so I'm excited to try that out! The anticipation is getting to me! There are so many things that I am excited about right now.... I really can not wait to start breastfeeding, does that sound weird? I really want to make this work no matter what this time around (since we had so many failures with my other kiddos), and I know that will help us save money on formula (another way to save money), then we will see how it goes but I have been possibly thinking about making my own baby food. But we will see when we come to that road.....

Of course I am not looking forward to all the doctors appointments in the next few weeks. Mine I'm fine with because that means I am so much closer to having this baby. But Brookie has her Physical Therapy appointments and Devin has an ENT appointment I believe thats it but thats still 4 doctors appointments in the next month for my kids then to top it off I have my weekly OB appointments and have to have this baby somewhere in there too. I am so greatful that I have my mom to help me out with all this (I know I have said that alot lately, at least to myself I have).
Oh speaking of doctors appointments, Devin and Brooke got their teeth cleaned the other day at the Dentist (on Thursday) and then on Friday we had to go back so that Devin could get 3 cavities filled and 1 tooth sealed. That kiddo is going to cost me alot in dental bills. She's only 7 and had the 3 cavities filled, and the one tooth sealed, she was suppose to get 3 more sealed but we just couldn't afford all that after the cleaning and the other stuff on Friday. But to top it off the kid has one tooth that has come in scarred because for some reason the enamel didn't form correctly on that tooth, then back when she was 2 1/2 she fell and shoved her front baby teeth into her adult teeth so the one tooth is scarred from that. Then... (yeah I know) her front 4 adult teeth that have come in are very jagged and will need to be filed down to make them straight across. I think that is all, there is so much to remember, you tend to forget somethings. But it has definatly got her more aware of the health of her teeth (that we are constantly nagging her about). I hate to do it because I love our dentist (I've been going there since I was Devins age) but they are so expensive we may be looking at finding a new dentist were we are not paying so much money all the time.
Well its time for me to go...

Have a Great Day!

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