Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some Kiddo Updates

We'll start with little Miss Carly....

Little Miss Carly Mae has had a rough time basically since she was born. First she had issues with her Breast feeding and then issues with the breast milk causing her all sorts of pain, then she developed acid reflux that has been causing her major issues with pain and spitting up. Well we switched her formula so many times thinking that maybe a formula change would help, FYI it never did. So I took her to the doctors last Monday and they prescribed her Zantac. We started her on the Zantac and not even 2 days later she developed a rash all over her face that spread down her upper back and chest. I took her back to the doctor last Friday because I could have sworn that it was the Zantac causing the rash, the doctor that seen her said that it was Seborrheic Dermatitis, or cradle cap was what she also called it and said that she will probably have big problems with Eczema when she gets older. She said there was nothing that I could do to help and that it would go away on its own in a week. Boy was she wrong! It kept getting worse, I even went out to the store and bought her Aveeno Bath Treatment and some Aveeno Eczema Therapy lotion, which they helped a little it at least helped with the redness for a short period of time. Well last night (10/7/10) we were just getting so frustrated with how horrible she looked because it was getting worse and her eyes were even starting to swell up and get red. I started thinking, we had started her on the Similac Sensitive Isomil formula just 4 days before her rash showed up and it seemed like every time she would eat the rash would get redder. So we decided to switch her formula last night to Similac Sensitive for Spit Up. To our surprise she is already looking a lot better already, so I am hoping we found the cause of her rash. The poor thing was so miserable last night that she was even trying to itch her own face! Have you ever seen a 7 1/2 week old try itching their face? Its very sad to see. So we're hoping that we've figured out what her problem is, she actually is spitting up a lot less then she was before too. Other then that she is doing really well, She went from 40% for weight at 2 weeks to 80% for weight at 6 weeks. So luckily the the acid reflux and spit up has not effected her weight or her health.

Oh and if you were wondering we decided that we are not going to dress Carly up for Halloween this year, She either won't be trick or treating or I will be wearing her and the costume will get covered up anyways so I decided that there is no point in spending a ton of money on a costume, so she will be wearing her little cow hat so she will be dressed up a little. :)

Now on to our little Kara...

Kara has been doing pretty good, She's been pretty cranky and crabby lately but I think its because she is still teething and well she is almost 2 so I think alot of it is she is starting to go through "The Terrible Two's". She has found a new way to throw a fit, she takes a running start and then throws both feet in the air and lands flat on her back (and head) It scares me because I am afraid she will give herself a concusion one of these days but she has only done it 3 times that I know of so hopefully she wont continue with it. Its very scary to watch.

She is amazing us all though, she is a very smart 2 year old. Although she still is a smart ass haha. The other day is was so cool, she came up to me said "poo poo" and took her diaper off I asked if she wanted to go to the bathroom and we went into the bathroom and she went pee in the potty! Then the next day she did the same thing! I haven't started potty training her yet but I am sure she is ready (or getting ready), I'm not going to push her though because I didn't potty train the older to until they were over 2 and Kara isn't even 2 yet. She continues to show us how smart she is and how smart she can be with all that she says and how quickly she is learning new things. She loves to help out with her baby sister and even loves to help clean too! We've decided that for Halloween this year Kara will be a pirate (if you couldn't tell by her picture). And for her Birthday she chose Niho Kailan theme for her birthday, yes I said she chose, we were looking at a birthday express book and that was the theme she decided on, she even picked out her cake (out of 2 choices). We haven't even begun to plan her party either, I better get on that soon huh?


Well lets see... Brookie is back in preschool one day a week, she is doing good, and getting better at not whining or crying when I leave. Thats not to say she doesn't still do it but she is getting better. She had 6 weeks of Therapy for her foot and just got her new brace yesterday and will have to have just 4 more weeks of therapy (just to help her a little bit more). There really isn't a whole lot of new things going on with Brooke right now, She did choose a Halloween costume and can't wait for Halloween! She decided to be Jesse from Toy Story.

Now for Miss Devin..
I'd love to say that Devin is being just as sweet as she looks in the photo but then I would be kidding myself, She's 7 going on 18. She thinks she knows more then everyone and throws a fit when told no ( I didn't know the terrible two's lasted this long!). Don't get me wrong she can be a great child, and fun loving but lately it seems she goes from sweet to crazy in 1.2 seconds. Is it the fact that I have a pretween on my hands? I'm starting to wonder if she is hanging out with the wrong kids because she is just getting more defient everyday. But I love her and will stop bad mouthing her (I probably shouldn't be saying those things anyways but sometimes you just got to get your frustrations out).
She is doing great in school! She is getting very good grades in school, I see the words Super Mathematition on her math homework and test alot! She is also doing really well in reading and spelling (the words super speller show up on her test and homework alot too). I'm glad that she likes school so much I just wish she wasn't so independent that she gets mad when someone tries to help her.
So there you have it a small update on my 4 girlies. They definatly keep me on my toes and keep life interesting.....
Have a Great Day!

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