Friday, September 3, 2010

Fighting the Fat Friday!

So I guess this will be my initial Fighting the Fat Friday post.

Technically my starting weight was 226lbs thats how much I weighed on the day I had Carly, within days though thanks to the initial weight loss and breast feeding I lost 22lbs and got down to 204 in just 5 days!! I actually ended up down to 203 but gained some pounds back. But now I am back to my prepregnancy weight at 204.

My goal is to reach 160lbs by Christmas, I'm just wondering if it is possible for me to loose 46lbs in 4 months, I know its possible but I am saying I wonder if its possible for me to do it. We just got a new stroller (thanks to my grandma), and everyone was assuming that I was going to buy it so I can start taking walks, so I guess I shouldn't disappoint everyone huh? I plan on exercising but if you know me every time I plan on exercising I either do it for a little while and then quit or don't do it at all. My mom however has to loose weight for medical reasons so she will be able to motivate me to get me off my butt and either walking or exercising on the Wii. She is always good at making me do stuff, maybe because she is a good motivator or maybe because she is my mother and nags the hell out of me until I do what she wants me to do. HAHA

I'm glad that I have her to help me out and motivate me though, I need someone to push because if I don't then I won't do it. I have been a little busy this past week so I haven't been able to start my exercising just yet. We've had some doctors appointments this week and I haven't been sleeping well (but of course thats because I have a newborn). We've had some not so healthy food in the house this week as well so that hasn't been helping me any either. I have willpower issues if there is food in the house that is bad for me and taste good, its most likely that I will end up over doing it and snacking on it until it has disappeared.

On a side note, I have been loosing inches on my waist! Remember this post that I posted back in July? It was about the Belly Bandit, I ordered it and was excited to try it out and see if it worked as well as the reviews on thier website said it worked. Now I haven't followed the directions completely as it says you should wear it 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 6 weeks, except for in the shower. I have been wearing it since I can home from the hospital, but only at night when I am sleeping, okay I could be wearing it during the day but well its hot and I don't feel like it. But guess what? When I ordered it my Belly measurement was 48 inches (I know big right?) I ordered the large (44in-49in), well in less then 2 weeks (since I didn't start wearing it till 3 days after Carly was born). I had to order the size medium (38in-43in) because the large is now to big for me and my waist is 43 inches as of September 1st! I'm excited about this because well I believe I am actually smaller then I was before I got pregnant, if I am correct in remember I was about 45in in the waist.

I'm happy and hoping that the next Fighting the Fat Friday post that I post will say that I have lost some poundage....

Have a Great Day!


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