Thursday, October 28, 2010


Urrg have you ever had things you wanted to say but couldn't figure out how to put it or as soon as you go to write it you completely forget what you wanted to say? I'm having one of those days. I have so many things I wanted to say and talk about that my thoughts are getting all mixed up. So let me try to say what I wanted to say but let me say now that I don't know if my thoughts will be mixed up or not.

Here goes nothing....

Carly is in her crib now. We actually had to go the extremes of rearranging the children to get to this point, so now Devin and Carly are rooming together and Brooke and Kara are rooming together. I would prefer to keep it the other way with the older kids together and the younger kids together but after our first night of Carly in her crib and Kara waking up at 4:30 in the morning (and essentually waking Carly up too), and then later on that day when Kara was suppose to be in her bed napping I find her in the crib napping instead, we realized that until Kara realizes that she is not suppose to be in the crib it would be better off for us to switch things up a bit. To our surprise all the children are very happy with the switch. Brooke was unable to try it out since she stayed the night at her great grandmas last night but the other 3 enjoyed it and they all slept very well through the night (Carly did not wake until 6am!). Of course I am not sure how much Brooke will like the fact that Kara now thinks that Brookies bed is her bed. But then again it may be fine since they like to sleep in the same bed together. We've had issues here and there but its been going pretty good so far.
Today we are officially starting potty training. Its only been maybe an hour (or less) and we have yet to have an accident she is doing well. She knows when she needs to go potty (even its just a trickle). I think she is finally done using diapers, she is actually sitting on the potty and trying to pee instead of sitting down and then saying done and jumping off. Its great! If we succeed hopefully she will be fully potty trained (with no accidents) by her 2nd birthday. Which by the way is in 14 more days! But her party will be in 17 days.
Today we'll be cleaning pumpkins out for Halloween, did I ever tell you that my mom does a huge pumpkin patch every year? Yep except this year she is having her tonsils taken out tomorrow and I have to do the carving on Saturday. Don't worry I've recruited a few people already so I wont be alone. I'll definatly take pictures so come back for sure on Monday to see the pictures.
I gotta go clean some pumpkins

Have a Great Day!

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