Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not so Wordless Wednesday

I have posted before that I am love taking pictures and I am having so much fun with it. A neighbor of mine who is a professional photographer mentioned to me today that there is a free program alone called picasa so I thought I would check it out. I signed up for the picasa web albums and it gives you the option to edit with picnik and OMG I am having a field day taking pictures and editing them now!
So of course since I am having so much fun taking pictures I have to post some of the edited pictures that I took.....
Some of these pictures you have already seen because I have posted them but I was able to finally edited them :)
I have so much fun editing these photos
I am going to have so much fun taking and editing picture now
See like this one of Carly at 2 months ain't it cute!
who knew editing pictures was so much fun?
This was taken the other day after the "bad" storm we had
I had a little photo shoot with Kara & Carly today
It was alot of fun for all of us
and although I couldn't get Kara to smile
She took some great pictures
She is such a charactor
She wanted me to take a picture of her toes ain't that sweet?
So I took some of Carly's as well (and would you believe I did not pose her this way either?)
I had alot of fun with the editing tools on picnik
I really like this one :)
I love playing with the colors
and editing all the cuteness
and Carly cooperated so well
most of the time :)
She spent alot of time chewing her hand
and not as much time smiling but at least I got some smiles
and adorable toes!
again did I mention I had alot of fun?
Because I really did!

Have a Great Night!


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