Friday, October 29, 2010

Fighting that Fat Friday & other Randomness

This won't be a very long Fighting the Fat Friday post because well.... There's not much to tell you I have been maintaining my weight, no loss, no gain and it really sucks! The depression of trying to loose weight has set in and I am getting so discourage that I began snacking again! I hate it but I eat when I'm upset. Yeah I'm one of those folks... Not to mention that my grandma brought over some yummy cupcakes that she got on sale at the store. Last time she brought cupcakes over I was able to stay away from them but with as upset as I've been I couldn't stay away this time... I've been walking daily with my mom and haven't missed even one day for the week I've been walking with her. Last Sunday we bought some Sketcher ShapeUps I can feel the tighting of my muscles some days but still have not seen results! Do you see how this can be depressing when you are working so hard to change everything for 3 weeks and get stuck after only the 2nd day? I wonder if I am just ment to be at this weight.... (which for me is depressing) Now I would be fine if I have only lost a pound or so in the last 3 weeks but not staying at the same weight. So as you can see I don't have much to report this week, maybe I will have some good news next Friday (but I highly doubt it).

Now on to a new subject...
I got my hair dyed this week. I was excited because I wanted something different that I've never done before. I've had my natural hair, which by the way is brunette and I've had blonde hair. I've also had my natural with blonde highlights but I have never (on purpose at least) has blonde with red highlights. I have some of my natural hair showing through and I also have my my blonde highlights, but now I have red in there too! I like it but I think I want more red next time :) and some points in my hair it actually looks a little pink and I love it!!
We got 27 pumpkins cleaned out for our Halloween pumpkin patch, we'll start carving them Saturday, so they will be ready for Halloween. My mom is having her tonsils taken out today so she wont be much help tomorrow I am sure she wont be feeling very good.

Have a Great Day!

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