Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween....

Have you noticed lately that its been taking me a while to post things? I'm sorry about this but I have been so tired lately and believe it or not busy as well trying to take care of all the kids and potty train Kara.

Well Halloween was the other day.. (duh you knew that already didn't you?) We had a good time trick or treating.
Kara as you can see here was a pirate (and a cute one at that)

Devin was a Vampire Princess

and Brooke was Jesse from Toy Story

Carly was my little lady bug and this is how we went Trick or Treating
(okay she didn't really trick or treat and she fell asleep nearly half way through)

Like I said we all had a good time. Our Friend Chico took the older girlie's for us
so that we could help Kara and we knew there was no way we could keep up with the
older 2.

There were some interesting costumes out there like this one of pacman, ain't it awesome?

Here is Chico taking Devin and Brooke from house to house we were right behind them for a few houses and then they disappeared

David ended up carrying Kara from house to house and putting her down when we go to the house, which for me was better because there were so many people out.

I don't think Kara understood what was going on, all she knew was that she was going up to a house uttering a few words and receiving free candy, so she was very happy to oblige and of course say Thank You afterwards!

Daddy got pretty tired of carrying her after a while though so we didn't do the entire neighborhood like we normally do.

My cousin Dimitri came too and Devin and Brooke went with them after they were done with Chico

I told you about the pumpkin patch right? Well here it is...

23 pumpkins carved and no they weren't just faces they were very difficult

My Aunt Cathy, Uncle Steve and Cousin Dimitri
So Halloween 2010 was a blast and we hope to have fun again next year
Hope you had a great Halloween as well
Happy Late Halloween

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