Monday, October 25, 2010

Its in her Eyes..

Have you ever looked at your child and thought.... Your Beautiful? Okay that's a stupid question because I am sure everyone looks at their own child and thinks that its a bias thought. But when I look at my oldest and her Beautiful eyes, the first thought of course is wow your beautiful then my second thought is you could be a model and I want your eye lashes!
All my girls have Beautiful eyes I must admit... Devin has the most amazing eye lashes and brown eyes, as a matter of fact so does Brooke! Kara has her amazing blue eyes, Carly's eyes haven't quite turned to what they will be yet but she has cute gray/blue eyes.
We played around the other day with some eye liner and mascara and Devin's eyes just popped!

I mean seriously don't you wish you had eyes like this? I know I do! I emailed Maybelline the other day to tell them that I had the perfect eye lash model for them but I don't think that they are going to email me back haha. In these pictures Devin is wear their falsies mascara, but believe me her lashes are this beautiful no matter what kind of mascara she wears.
I think she may change what she wants to be when she gets older, because now she wants to be a model. I'm okay with this decision as long has she shares with Mommy and Daddy, haha.
Have a Wonderful Day!

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