Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Randomness that is my Life...

I've been drawing a blank as to what to write about lately. Do I tell you about the Haunted Hayride that we attended last Saturday, that my inlaws have been throwing for about 3 years now? I take the pictures and guess what I took 180 some pictures this year! yeah thats alot of damn pictures! Don't worry I am not going to post them all on here, but perhaps just a few. We had a great time, the kids had a great time. It was fun for all ages and great food. Although like any event there were many inconsiderate people present. I guess people just don't get it, your invited to someone elses house for an event (that by the way was free), they don't have to invite you or even have it for that matter and people take advantage of thier hospitality. Its so aggrevating at how rude people can be. But like every year things may need to change a little next year. It's a learning process, especially since the event is getting bigger every year.

Sunday everyone in the house was feeling pretty crummy, I got sick, Devin got and ear infection and everyone else just didn't feel well. By Monday Devin had ruptured her ear drum and is now on antibiotics and ear drops. We've been lazing around for the past few days because well I still don't feel good and I am just not up to anything. Don't get me wrong I have been taking care of my kids when need be and I have been cleaning (against my will because of my mom haha) but other then that its been nothing but resting for us. I finally sent Devin back to school today although her ear is still leaking fluid (which by the way is super gross) but she is feeling better and is not in that much pain anymore. Kara starting coughing last night so I'm worried she maybe getting sick again (which she was just sick not to long ago) Hopefully little miss Carly doesn't get sick. I worry about her immune system since she hasn't had shots yet and she is only 9 weeks old. But at least the other kiddos have gotten thier flu shots. Speaking of flu shots have you ever noticed that when you get a flu shot (or someone else gets one) they always end up sick very shortly after? Why is that, I thought the flu shot was suppose to stop you from getting sick?

I hate to jump from one subject to another but.... Do you have a baby? If so do you have a baby swing? Does your baby love his/her swing? My daughter does but you know what happen yesterday? Her swing took a shit! It sucked, I was not feeling good yesterday (and still am not today) but yesterday was a rough day having an unhappy kid because her swing just would not work! It make the noises just fine and the little mobile worked too but the swing just would not swing! So we had to go out and get her a new one last night. Do you know how hard it is going shopping with 4 kids when you feel like crap? It suck's lets just put it that way. But we managed (well I managed), all the kids managed to do was get on my very last nerve and aggrevate the hell out of me by fighting and whining the whole time.

I am so ready for a nap.. Shoot what the heck, the 2 older kids are at school, I think I will put Kara down for her nap and take a nap myself...

Oh I'll post those pictures later :)

Have a Great Day!

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