Monday, November 22, 2010

Chapter 7 - The Smells from the great beyond....

Okay here's a scenario for you.... Your sitting there enjoying your new baby. Everything is great your nuzzle his/her neck and then you take a whiff of your baby wanting to take in that sweet baby smell. But the scent you are smelling is not a sweet baby smell, its more like a putrid stench, a nauseating odor. You think to yourself there is no way in hell that this smell is coming from my child. You check the diaper... nothing! Where in the world is that smell coming from? You wonder where is this stench coming from and why in the hell does you child smell! You start searching your child, strip baby down naked and look in every little roll and crevice. You follow the smell... Lift baby's chin and the smell hits you like a ton of bricks, yep it's coming from baby's neck. This is what I like to call stinky neck. Formula, spit up, sweat and what ever else that gets stuck in baby's neck rolls. The skin gets rubbed raw and then that when the smell begins.
It just so happens while I was writing this she was spitting up

In my experience (and I have a lot of experience with stinky neck, having 4 kids were all pukers and spit up a lot) when you have stinky neck it needs to be cleaned at least once a day, if your kiddo spits up or throws up a lot then baby's neck needs to be cleaned up more often. A baby wipe, burp cloth, or wet wash rag will work just fine. There's no need for a complete bath every time you clean baby's neck just as long as you get all the goo and whatever else is growing in there.
Now this here is a shot of Carly's neck which is relatively clean for her. Thankfully she is spitting up less. But believe me when I first noticed Carly's stinky neck (because I forgot all about stinky neck) if was gross with curdled formula and other such nastiness. I am proud to say that Carly is no longer stinky! :)

Have you sniffed your loved ones neck lately?

Have a Great Day!


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