Monday, November 22, 2010

"My Book" may be put on hold.

"My Book" I wrote this while my Baby Dangled from a Bathroom Stall Door is temporarily on hold at the moment while I write some more chapters. This weekend was well not super busy but I only had time to write one chapter (chapter 7). I am working on chapter 8 right now and need to come of with some ideas for at least chapter 9 & 10. After I write the rest of those chapters I may or may not continue or I may just write them every so often but it won't be a constant thing like it has been. Honestly I am running out of ideas! I guess thats the way it goes when you get writers block huh? Oh and not to mention I have kiddo's to care for to, they take up most of my time. This weekend Devin attending her first Birthday party with a freind from school (she has been to party's with family and close freinds but never attending one for a kid from school). Needless to say she had a blast! She had so much fun that she didn't want to leave and tried to protest leaving even, but of course I put my foot down, well mainly because she wasn't invited to stay the night and he's a boy. Sorry no boy sleepovers. Speaking of sleepovers, Brooke decided she wanted to stay the night at Grandma Straw's on Saturday night and while she was getting ready to leave Kara said she wanted to stay the night to, so the hubby took them to Grandma's to stay the night and it was Kara's first sleepover away from home! But Grandma said she did well for her first night (I'm relieved). We got lucky Saturday night because Brooke and Kara were at Grandma Straw's and Devin decided to stay the night at Great Grandma's so we only had one kiddo for the night! Its been exactly 3 1/2 months since that has happened. We spent Sunday at the in-laws (grandma straw's) and then we dropped Brookie off with her Aunt Cathy so that she could stay at Great Grandmas house with Devin. So as we speak its just me Kara and Carly, and for some reason Kara is getting ready to go some where. Where? I don't know but she just put her boots on and coat on (and still has her jammies on). So I must find out where she plans on going... I hope to have chapters 8, 9 & 10 written soon for you (by tomorrow). I'll have to wait for the little ones to go to bed to write them though. So...

Have a Great Day!

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