Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chapter 8 - Ol' Wives Tales

We've all heard them, nosey freinds, family and even strangers have advice for you even if you didn't ask for it. Some advice just sounds plain stupid, some advice sounds to crazy to even try, but some advice sounds so crazy that you think I need to try this!

So thats what this post is all about... Old Wives Tales. I asked some mommy freinds of mine what they have heard and if they had tried them and whether or not they worked. So here it is all the crazy things that people come up with...

Cats can steal the air from a baby’s mouth. This dates back to a time when cats were considered evil spirits. It’s impossible for cats, or any other animal for that matter, to steal air from a baby’s mouth or to suffocate a baby by covering baby’s mouth with their own. However, any animal should be supervised when close to a baby.

If baby is sleeping all day and up most of the night (days and nights mixed up) then take baby and flip them head over heals, making sure at all times that you are supporting baby's head (so this will take 2 people to do). To be honest this does work! To my knowledge it has worked 5 times for sure, my 4 kids and me :). Yes my mom did this to me when I was a newborn infant and said it worked, and thats were we found out about it was from her.

If a woman other than the baby's mother holds the baby while she is menstruating, the baby will get the stretches. What seriously? I wonder if this actually happens (by the way the stretches mean when baby yawns and stretches alot)

If you cut a baby's hair before his/her first birthday, they will have "bad" hair. I don't really think this is true because Devin has bad hair and we never cut her hair till she was like maybe 18 months or more (since she didn't even have hair till she turned a year)

If your baby has an "outie" push the stub in with an egg and tape a quarter or silver dollar to it and bury the egg. In a week, take the money off and the baby will have an innie. This is just stupid why would you force your baby to have an innie?

If you are trying to dry up breast milk, express some milk into a glass, pour the milk on a rock, and when the milk drys from the rock, your milk will be dried up. This just sounds like the most retarded thing ever!

Don't take a baby outside on a windy day, even if wrapped up. It will give the baby inconsolable gas. Seriously, aww shit I'm screwed because I did this alot, oh wait she doesnt have gas I'm good...

Never let a baby under 1 year old see it's reflection--it will take it's soul. I don't even know how to comment about this...

If a pregant woman looks upon a snake it will "mark" the baby. ????

Tickling a baby too much will make it stutter. We'll see because I have tickled Carly's feet alot..

Never wash the baby's clothes before it is born; it is bad luck to wash them. I wash all my childrens clothes before they are born

Women who ate many salty foods would have mostly girls. Damn thats why I have 4 girls!!

A new baby had to cry a certain amount or it's lungs "wouldn't develop". I don't know about this

Giving a baby a "sugar tittie" was good for it. (a sugar tittie was some sugar and butter mixed and tied up in a clean rag for a baby to suck on). Chicken bones were also great for babies to cut teeth on. Of course the old whisky on the gums was a big one too. Ha heres a story for you.. My mom gave me a little airplane bottle of whiskey to teeth on.. she poked a tiny hole in the lid, well she didn't realize it but I started drinking it! Haha

A baby born in the daylight hours was conceived during the night time and a baby born in the night time hours was conceived during the day. Well mmmm.. I had 3 born in the AM and 1 born in the PM

I asked some of my facebook freinds what they have been told and whether it worked for them or not. & here is what they had to say...

I was told with colby that if he has gas rub his tummy in a clockwise circle to relieve it and if he's constipated go counter clockwise ....never worked.

When they have there days and nights mixed up to hold them upside down. That one didn't work for us This is different from what I posted above, the one I posted is about flipping them not holding them upside down..

gripe water for colic worked for us Works great for hiccups too!

If they have day and night confused, you pick the baby up right then hold by the ankles, and turn upside down three times, it kinda worked with my eldest she was a pain to get to sleep all night, oh just make sure you support the baby's shoulders when doing this or it could be bad again different from flipping them

The one about never wake a sleeping baby...is bad advice if baby needs to eat and you want a full nights rest

Hope these gave you some insight or at least some laughs.

Have a Great Day
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