Friday, November 5, 2010

Fighting the Fat Friday

How depressed would you be if you had to be fully undressed just to loose a few pounds? I have been between 197 and 200 for the past few weeks and its been irritating the hell out of me because I didn't think a plateau would last this long! Then this morning after I exited the shower I decide to see how much I weighed (I haven't eaten this morning at this time either) I was down to 196! So seriously how depressing is this that I freaking at to be in my complete birthday suit just to loose a damn pound! Confession though I have not walked since last Friday when my mom had her tonsils taken out. She's my walking buddy, my motivator, my pusher. I have not been motivated or pushed to walk since last Friday. Oh and not to mention (I hate to mention) I gave in and began eating sweets again, I'm sure that is not helping with loosing weight but I got so upset that I cut out the sweets and I wasn't loosing any weight I figured why the hell can't I eat sweets if not eating them has no effect on my loss. So here I am still not loosing weight, getting aggrevated and irritated. I was hoping to have lost 30lbs by Christmas and as it sits now I just don't see that happening and its very depressing. But I will keep at it and hope that eventually (hopefully soon) I will begin to loose weight and feel better about myself. Until then note to sell... You suck fat!

Have a Great Day!

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