Friday, November 5, 2010

What Oh What Do I Say?

Have you ever sat there and starting typing something out and only after typing out a long ass post realized that you cannot post that because of who reads your blog and have to erase the entire thing? I do that ALL the time! I mean I am constantly typing things out and then realizing, shit I can't post that what if this person reads it or what if this person reads it or wait isn't this to much personal information to post to the world? I am always second guessing myself when I start typing a blog post. I guess that is why I am always wondering if what I am posting is good enough to entertain you all or am I boring the hell out of you with what I think is interesting information. Obviously I'm not going to write about my monthly cycle, thats just WAY to much information (unless you really want to hear about that?). I can't talk about how things are between me and the Hubby because, well he thinks thats to much information to tell you all about. There are many subjects I want to touch on but then thats going to far into other peoples lives and really do I have a right to do that? I could keep it as private as possible and not mention any names but then they would know I was talking about them (if they happen to read my blog). I guess that is why I talk so much about the kids and about our Oh So Boring Life because there is just not enough subjects that I can touch on without either hurting or pissing someone off. Which of course I don't want to do either. I guess thats why my blog will never be as popular as Heir to Blair or MckMama they have plenty of interesting things to talk about. As you can see those are the 2 major blogs I read, when I am keeping up with reading them. I went some time without reading all the blogs that I read and missed alot of stuff! I can tell its been a while since I kept up on blogging since I totally missed that Kelly over at Kelly's Korner was preggo! I've missed so much were have I been? Oh wait thats right I've been right here being lazy trying to figure out what to blog about and dealing with being preggo and having a baby and taking care my other kids and blah blah blah.... You know all that Oh So Boring stuff. I've been Oh So tired alot lately to, I swear it doesn't matter how much sleep I get I am so flipping tired when I wake up in the morning. I just want to nap all day, but obviously I can't... I have to get up by 7:30 in the morning not matter how many times I was woken in the middle of the night (even if I wasn't woken up) and get Devin ready for school, and sometimes (just sometimes) I am able to go back to sleep once she leaves, thanks to either the other 3 kiddos sleeping in or Nick Jr. who keeps them occupied long enough for me to sleep just a little bit longer, only after making sure each of them has a bottle of milk and has had breakfast and oh wait someone needs more milk and what ever else they like to complain about in the morning when I am trying to get a tiny little nap. But life goes on and so do I... Hopefully in the future I can come up with some more stimulating blogging for you all to enjoy but until then, enjoy the My Oh So Boring Life.

Have a Great Day!

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