Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chapter 12 - 4 Month Milestones

Carly Mae 13 weeks old

Ahh we've made it to weeks 13-16, for me this has been the most exciting so far because these week are were Carly has really started to show more personality, She giggles so much now and for a while every time I asked her if she was a silly girl she would giggle hysterically and I just love her little laugh.
Amazing Sense Development. By now baby's senses have almost reached thier adult levels. Vision is improving so much that he/she can track movement as far as 20 feet away!
Hands! Yep baby is noticing thier hands more around this time, opening and closing them and examing thier fingers. They may even start to try and grab for things. I thought it was so cute the day that Carly noticed her hands for the first time because she just stared at them and then shoved them in her mouth. Then just the other day she start to grab for things, you know what the first thing she grabbed for was? My nose! Yep her nails were sharp too! So start putting toys that may spark her interest close to her so that she can play with!
Ohh the Colors! By 14 weeks baby see's in full color. But he/she may still prefer bright primary colors.
Rock and Roll. We've talked about this before but for those that haven't started to roll yet now may be the time where your little one will begin rolling from belly to back (between 4-6 months remember). Back to Belly rolling may not accur until closer to 6 months. Shh here's a little secret that we did that I think helped Carly to roll from belly to back. We lay her on a blanket on her belly on the kitchen table, I'm not sure how but it seemed to motivate her a little more to roll over, just remember to keep your hand close to her/his head because if they still don't have total head control they may bonk thier head or face on the table.
I want Food. Between 4 and 6 months you can start baby on solids, wow can you believe you made it to this point? A suggestion for first foods is an iron fortified rice cereal, which you can make by mixing a small amount of powdered cereal with formula or breast milk to form a thin paste. But just remember this is thier first time so try a dab first before shoving a spoon full of food into the mouth of a baby that has never eating solids before. And it will be messy... I just realized that Carly is 16 weeks this weekend so we get to dive into this adventure now!
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