Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Traditions....

Most families have some kind of Tradition, but most tradition revolve around Christmas don't they? What are you family Traditions?

The Hubby's family has a few Traditions that I love! The first is Our Christmas tree Tradition, every year we go to a tree lot and cut down our own Christmas tree. We have even found a lot that has kinda become apart of the tradition because they have a great price for tree's and have a great selection as well. We actually go to a gentlemans house were he has pine trees growing all over his yard, he provides you with the saw you need to cut down your tree, after picking out your tree when you go to pay for it, we usually chat with him for a minute while the kids play with his sweet dog and then he gives the girls candy canes. This is a great thing to do as a family since we love having a real Christmas tree in the house and the kids get to help pick the tree out, while the Hubby has the pleasure of chopping it down himself. And then as we do every year once we pick out tree out we take it home and set it up and as a family decorate it. This year We even allowed the girls to drag the tree a little bit which they loved helping that way :) The kids all have thier special ornaments that they get to put on the tree were ever they please. Then we hang out stockings and do the rest of the decorating, of course since moving in with my parents some of our traditions have changed slightly, we no longer have to decorate the house ourselves (which for me is okay because I hate that part hehe).

Another family Tradition that my in-laws have is we make our own fudge each year. Okay its more of a Tradition for the wives since we are the ones that make the fudge while the husbands hang out in the garage. But its still alot of fun to hang out with the in-laws and make some very tasty fudge.

One new Tradition that I kinda started last year was getting all the girls matching jammies that they wear Christmas eve, of course after that they get to wear them when ever they please but they don't get to even open thier jammies until Christmas eve before going to bed.

My side of the family doesn't have many Traditions but one that we've had for as long as I can remember is every Thanksgiving after dinner we sit at the table going through the store ads and write out our Christmas list together. Usually I try to write out the girls list early because well they want alot of stuff so I go through the ads with them before we go to dinner so that we can make photo copies and I don't have to write out 4 list numerous times.

Its always great to have some kind of tradition, whether is small like writing your Christmas list with the rest of the family but at least its something that you are doing together as a family.

If you care to share your traditions with me please do so in the comments section :)

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Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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