Monday, December 6, 2010

Chapter 13 - 5 Month Milestones

Well I would post a picture of Carly but she isn't 5 months yet so, sorry no pictures (and it would be to much work for me to get pictures of my other kiddos at that age and well I am to lazy to do that)

Weeks 17-20.

Language Development. Baby is starting to recognize sounds. In addition to regular coos, he/she will start to speak some vowel sounds. Listen for some Aahs and ohs that may be repeated over and over again. But your babe isn't quite ready to start speaking his/her first words yet. But he/she will be watching you while you speak to try and absorb the different sounds that you are making. He/she may cough or click thier tongue during play too.
What happen to my babys locks? Babies hair might start changing around this time. Just like her/his eyes, they can change in the first 6 months of life.
Move it baby. If baby hasn't started rolling over yet he/she probably will very soon, so don't leave baby on high surfaces alone, because he/she may surprise you and roll off and we both know thats not good. Baby may even start trying to crawl or scoot around now so tummy time will be a little more fun now that baby is more mobile. I know Carly hasn't hit this age yet but the little butt monkey will kick her legs so much when she is on her back that she moves herself, I lay her in the middle of her crib every night and by morning she is at the top of her crib!
Lets Play! Play time should be more fun now because baby is interested in grabbing toys and other such things so start finding new things to entertain baby so he/she doesn't get to bored.
Sitting! Your baby may be able to sit up without any help now! Baby will probably be pretty shakey and will lean on his/her hands for balance.
I wanna be a super hero. While baby is having tummy time he/she may bring both her/his legs and arms off the floor and look like he/she is flying. This is thier way of showing thier new found strength.
Baby is definatly more active now and doing more things. You'll notice that baby's sleeping habits have changed as well. He/She will have more awake time now and be sleeping less often. Baby is grabbing for things alot more and will be putting everything in he/her mouth so make sure what ever is in reach of baby is clean.

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