Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chapter 14 - 6 Month Milestones

Happy Half Birthday Baby, You've made it through half of your first year.

Weeks 21-24

Crawl baby Crawl. Baby most likely can roll in either direction by now and may even be creeping or scooting around on his/her tummy. He/she may or may not be on his/her hands and knees crawling yet but don't be to concerned because it may not happen until between 7-10 months. Some babies even skip crawling all together and transition straight to standing up and cruising.
Babbling Baby. Baby is babbling so much more now and Her/his coos are may be more pronounced sounds instead of shieks.
Food. Don't stop the formula or breastmilk just yet, baby still needs that but you will probably be providing more food more often and drinking less. Baby may prefer the sweet food more because they have more sweet tastebuds right now.
Testing your patients. Your not gonna like it but baby is gonna love it when he/she drops and object on the floor and watches you pick it up multiple times. This is going to happen alot so be prepared.
Sitting up. Baby can sit by him/herself for up to 30 minutes. He/she may use thier arms to create extra balance. Baby is better able to entertain his/herself at this point because he/she can check things out better at this position.
"Talking" More. Baby will be vocalizing alot more and can actually link Consonants (such as d, b and m) they may begin saying what sounds like syllables. Ah might become dada or maybe more like dadadadada and mama or more like mamamama. This is around the time parents start to fight over what baby will say first dada or mama, the more you say one or the other baby will likely say that one first.... But I've heard that its easier for babys to say the da sound first so most babes will say dada first (out of my kiddos, Kara is the only one who said dada first so far).

For more information on these milestones please visit Parents.com

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