Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chapter 15 - 7 Month Milestones

Weeks 25 - 28

Sleepy Time. By now baby should be sleeping a total of 14 hours a day (give or take), the majority should be at night, the rest should be broken up in 2-3 naps a day. If little one isn't sleeping well at night try elimating one of the naps and see if that helps. It is possible thought for a baby that has been sleeping through the night to relapse and start sleeing less. There are a few reasons for this. but a big one is separation anxiety (which can hit hard right around 6 months)
More tummy time. Between 6 and 12 months baby is getting more physical focusing on the skills he/she needs for crawling, cruising, walking and tossing a ball. To help motivate your kiddo place him/her on thier belly (more tummy time) and place thier favorite toy just out of thier reach and cheer him/her on.
"Transitional object." You little one may soon choose his/her first real lovey, such as a blanket, teddy bear, or some other toy that he/she will be dragging around all the time. Having one might help him/her sleep better, reassure her/him when you're not around, and offer comfort when she/he is afraid. Buying a few may come in handy because when you need to was one you can replace it without little one finding out. Kara has a blanket that she has to sleep with, I didn't know how attached she would get to it so I only bought one. Bad idea, whenever we needed to clean it she would get so upset if she didn't have it to sleep with. I took her to the store thinking I could get another one, but unfortunitly they no longer sold that blanket, but I helped her pick out a knew one so now she has two blankeys. Carly has to have a blanket to sleep with but it seems at this time it doesn't matter what kind as long as it is a blanket so luckily I don't have to buy a ton of blankey's just yet.
Even if baby is sitting up on her/his own without support by now to be on the safe side keep pillows or a boppy close by to cushion him/her if they fall.

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