Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chapter 23 - Trying Rice Cereal for the first time!

Well when I added the chapter about 4 months Carly wasn't quite for months yet so I didn't have any pictures of her for her 4 months or of her trying rice Cereal out for the first time either, so here it is...
Getting ready to try rice cearal but not sure what Mommy is up to
The first bite so far so good...

Not quite sure what this new stuff is but knows its different

Getting very messy, just remember they have to learn how to eat from a spoon.

All done Super messy baby but the first time eating "food" went well!
Carly wasn't to fond of the rice cereal so the 2nd time she ate it I mixed it with banana's and she did eat more and do a little better, but even then she still didn't like the cearal so the next time she ate I gave her green beans with just a little cereal and she did great.
She had Carrot's without rice cereal and absolutly love them, she sucked them down (of course we are using a cearal bottle now for food, because well to be honest spoon feeding a 4 month old is super messy!)

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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