Monday, December 13, 2010

Jeremy Plays Guitar CD Review

So a few weeks ago you may remember this post about a contest/give-a-way that was going on at the website JEREMY PLAYS GUITAR, Jeremy plays guitar is a childrens music band that play's well duh childrens music. Well they were nice enough to send me a CD to review and share with you all. Well I did and I also had my kiddo's listen to it as well I can say they loved "House Rules" they thought it was fun and silly! I like thier music because not only is it fun music for the kids to listen to but it also teaches them about following rules, sharing and other such things that we obviously as parents would like our children to learn. So why don't you head over to, you can preview their song house rules right on the website and purchase a cd for your kiddos to enjoy.

Have an Oh So Wonderul Day!


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