Thursday, January 6, 2011

Both of us suffer from painful thighs!

I know its not Saturday yet, so its not time for my weigh in and I know that I have been talking about this a lot this week but bare with me this is my first week and well I have anxieties, fears, excitement and all of the above this week so right now this is the main thing going through my mind most of the day right now.

I told you the scale is my enemy and hates me! I also have a tendency to weigh myself way to much and dwell on why I have not lost any weight yet. I have exercised every day this week since Saturday, tomorrow (Friday) is my day off, I have been eating healthy (for the most part) but there are some things I need to work on. I weighed myself this morning and was disappointment and not happy with what I saw. Its very depressing but at the same time there are a few factors that could be effecting the scales hatred for me. I do feel a change (slightly), the Hubby said he is starting to see definition in my arms and I did see that I lost an inch off my waist the other day. But I still have cravings, you know the ones that make you want food that is not healthy for you, that food that is so tempting and delicious! The stuff that you know you shouldn't be eating right now. So I'm still working on those issues of mine.
I have been sticking to my exercising and feeling good about sticking to them although I have been in pain all week, yesterday I started to feel some relief I was actually able to walk up and down the stairs with out that initial surge of pain when I took that first step. Then today I began my exercises thinking that I could go deeper into my lunges now that the pain is subsiding. Oh that was a horrible idea! Now the pain is worse then ever, I have a stabbing pain in my muscles. Finding your balance in exercising, what you can and cannot do is hard! Just when you think you can handle more bam your wrong! "No Pain No Gain"

Carly had her 4 month check up today and got 3 shots and some kind of liquid. The girlie is growing! She weighs 15.5lbs, which is 70% for weight (not bad even though she is on baby food now) and she is 26 1/4 inches long which is 93% for height, she is one tall little girlie. She is doing good and hitting her milestones. The doctor wasn't to pleased with some of the things that I was doing. Like the fact that miss Carly is eating straight baby food, and no rice cereal. But sorry the kid does not like rice cereal and I am not going to force it on her. She loves baby food though, the doctor said we can continue to give her what she is eating but not to add more, I left out the fact that for breakfast and dinner Carly eats stage 2 foods and they are not just fruits and veggies (they are the mixed ones too). I left out the fact that Carly won't sleep unless she has a blankie to hold (I know that wouldn't go over to well) or the fact that she has a little violet dog that sleeps in her bed because she loves to listen to the music when she goes to bed.
This is my 4th kid I think I know what I am doing by now....don't you? I'm not saying nothing bad can't happen but so far nothing has. Kara is the same way though she has a blanket that she has had since birth and won't go to bed without it.
Like I have always said I know that the doctors do know things but sometimes it doesn't compare to mothers instincts (or sanity).

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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