Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Can Your Baby Read?

I began having Brooke and Kara watch You Baby Can Read on Monday the 3rd. We started with Section 1, we watched the DVD and reviewed the cards and the book. We did the same thing on Tuesday as well.

But you know what happen on Tuesday? By Tuesday my girls were reading! Brooke was able to read the words Arms Up, Arms Down, Dog/s, Cat/s, & Hi I was so excited and proud of Brooke!

But then something extremely amazing happen!
It was Kara's turn to review the cards and book. Guess What? Kara read a Word!

She read the word Mouth! I was so proud of her! She's only 2 years old and learning to read!
I am very proud of both of my girls of course, but amazed that my 2 year old is already beginning to learn to read!
So I guess I can be a Your Baby Can Read Success story, well not fully because we just started but after only 2 days my girls are already beginning to learn to read!
I am trying to get Carly to watch but of course she is only 5 months old and you can't keep her attention for very long....
Well I must be going, its almost time to review the cards and book with Kara (since she is currently watching the DVD, Brooke is in school if you were wondering). Then I have many other things to do, such as exercising :)
Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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