Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Muscles are on fire!

Today is day number 4 of my transformation and I have yet to do my exercise today, don't worry I will do it once I am done writing this post I have time before I need to get ready for anything.
Last night was a bad night for my muscles and sleep. I have been in pain since I started exercising my thighs are constantly burning but as the old addage goes "no pain no gain" right? Well last night just messing around I asked the Hubby is he could see my muscles forming in my arms so I showed "my guns" he said he can see the muscle forming (cool, it had only been 3 days and I am already getting muscular!) But showing off my muscles was a bbbaaaadddd idea. Because within minutes my arm was killing me! It took a bit but I managed to fall asleep. Kara woke up around 11pm with her sleep walking (which she has been doing alot lately) once I got her back to bed I layed down and tossed and turned for 2 hours! I was in so much pain I just could not sleep! Finally I found the right position and passed out.... I don't wanna be all poor me feel bad for me because obviously I am doing it to myself, if I want to loose weight and get into shape this is what I have to do to reach my goal but yeah I am being a bit whiney because OMG it hurts! How long is this pain suppose to last for? I have so much trouble walking up and down the stairs, sitting and standing, the only time I don't hurt is when I'm not moving!

But I push on and move forward and won't give up....

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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Holly Rigsby said...

You are doing Great!!!
I'm so proud of you for jumping right in and taking action!

I like to call what you have described "Muscle Awareness" : )

Keep up the great effort and soon you will be sending me your success story!!!