Sunday, January 16, 2011

How Our Children decide to embarrass us...

I don't know about you and really I don't know why, but for me buying tampons and pads is embarrassing. Don't ask me why but for me people knowing when Aunt Flo is visiting is embarrassing, maybe I just want them to think I'm just a bitch and not think its just that time of the month I don't know. So when Kotex started selling their U brand I thought it was a great idea! They are so discrete and the boxes are so small. Perfect the whole world doesn't need to know that I am buying these products. Bring in problem number one. The Hubby and I are grocery shopping the other day and we have the babies with us (Kara and Carly), of course Carly is in her car seat in the front of the buggy and the Hubby put Kara in the back. I have never had a problem with putting stuff in the back of the cart when Kara is in there, she is usually pretty well behaved.
All of a sudden the Hubby asks, "have you seen your daughter?" I had no clue what he was talking about so I look at Carly, nothing going on there, I glance at the back of the shopping cart and all I see is colorful packaging spread all over the back of the cart and my lovely little 2 year old saying "my band aids" as she is opening most of the packages! OMG can we say embarrassment? The Hubby immediately grabbed Kara and took her down another isle, I honestly think he may have been more embarrassed then I was. So I cleaned up the "band aid" mess, and we continued on with our shopping excursion.

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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Stephanie Williams said...

:*Snort*: Ha ha... when I was a kid, I used to put my mother's 'band-aids' on the bottom of my feet and pretend to skate all over the bathroom....
Oh, the joys of being a kid! ~ SW