Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I don't really think this was my intended post...

I'm just not sure what to say here today because well so much is not going on, haha. Devin, oh my poor Devin she has yet another ear infection. The poor girl has been having so many problems with her ears for the past few months that I have a feeling she may end up getting another set of ear tubes placed, and if she does this will be her 3rd set of tubes. She is again on antibiotics (isn't there like a rule that they aren't suppose to have antibiotics to much?) well she has an appointment with the ENT in March so I will be able to update you on whats going on with that, then.

Kara, oh man Kara, what do I tell you about her? Well lets see she is 2 years old, so yeah she is going through the terrible two's for sure. Tantrums are her new thing right now, along with getting into everything and doing everything that she shouldn't be doing. I bet your wondering what kind of things she's doing that you know she shouldn't be? Well lets see how about, eating cat food, eating yogart off the carpet, washing her hands and face in her food (at basically every meal!) you know the normal stuff (haha).

Theres really not much to update with Brooke because other then the fact that she is very sensitive, not much is going on with her. Right now she honestly has to be my most quite child seriously!

Yeah I said Brooke was my most quite child you know why? Because Carly whines alot! Why? Because she wants to be held constantly and not just by anyone by me! I try to get her to spend time in her frog jumper and she will for a few moments, and I try to get her to spend time on her play mat and thats last a little bit to but then she rolls onto her tummy and instead of rolling back to her back she gets angry and cries until someone picks her up, yeah your thinking well why don't you just roll her back onto her back? Guess what I thought about that too, it doesn't work trust me!

So yeah I don't know if you were coming here looking for an update on my kids but guess what you got one (haha)

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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