Sunday, February 13, 2011

MMM Yummy!

So last night My auntie (bless her heart) took my 3 older childrens (yes I purposely wrote childrens) so that they could play with their cousin for the day.  So the Hubby and I decided to do something since we only had baby girl. We didn't make it to bowling on time so we decided to go out to dinner, and do our Valentines day dinner early. Which we realized is the same place we went to for V-day last year.  We may make that our new tradition because well they have very good food!  Its kinda a fancy restaurant (which by the way neither of us were dressed up enough for) and we had an infant with us, probably two things that you shouldn't do at a fancy restaurant, But we did.  Carly did extremely well! We actually got commented on how well she was behaving for being an infant in a fancy restaurant.  The only time she actually got upset and started crying a little was when we were about to leave (2 hours after arriving, ps there was a 1 hour wait for a stinking table because of the busy weekend).  We had many people walking by  Carly as she layed in her car seat next to my chair (out of the way) and everyone made it a point to glance and see if she was sleeping or something because she was being so good.  The matradee actually asked how old she was as we were getting ready to leave because he was so surprised at how well she did!

Yep we had a very good evening even with an infant with us.  I did stray away from my diet last night, sorry I wanted to eat some yummy ass food. and guess what?  I didn't gain a pound!  I'm so glad.  Like I told the hubby I think 1 day a month no matter how well you are doing in dieting, you deserve at least one day to eat what you want or at least one meal to eat what ever floats your boat.  I may do this for every 10lbs I loose maybe that will be my reward :)  I told the hubby that my next 10lbs, we're going to the Cold Stone Creamery I want some damn good ice cream!  Or maybe we will go to one of the chocolate cafes that we seen on the GPS last night!  Or maybe a place that sells really good cupcakes!  I'll figure that out later.
All I know is that even when your dieting you need to indulge sometimes.

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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