Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is what my life consists of right now!

So today I woke up... Tired as always.  Still not feeling well, exhausted still going strong.  Disappointment filling my head.  I have for a better lack of words been completely slacking this week, I have been for the most part staying under my calories for the day but for some reason no more weight is coming off.  The fact of the matter is this morning the scale actually went up, to which I am confused about because I exercised yesterday, I stayed under my calories yesterday (or so I thought) and yet this morning the scale went up  1.4lbs.  Of course I am not happy about this what so ever!  I wish I knew the culprit so I could eliminate it but I think the problem lies in me.   For some reason, although I am still sick (2 weeks later) I have been hungry this week.  Is it because of the few calories I have been subjecting myself for the past month that its finally catching up to me and my body is wanting more calories?  I almost believe that is what it is....I would have figured by now that my body would be use to this type of eating, but I guess not.... I guess I must push myself a little harder. Stop slacking so much and make sure that I stick to it more.  I am disappointed today but I know that its all about will power and I have come this far, I know that I can push myself even farther.  Although a nice wonderful full 8 hours of sleep might help, but having 4 children I just don't see that in my future cards....
This week has been full of doctors appointments, and sick children.  Brooke has Pneumonia, but she is doing better already, the fever is down and she is feeling better.   And with all the doctors appointments my focus has not been on dieting and exercise, its been on my mind but on the back of my mind.  I have made sure I exercise daily still, even when I really really dont want to do I have stuck with it.
I have been getting on my families nerves with all the talk about exercising and dieting.  But when you are trying to focus to hard on loosing the weight (especially when you are struggling a bit) its really the only thing I want to talk about right now.  So I am sorry if you are getting tired of these post but other then caring for sick children, being exhausted and doctors appointments, this is all my life consists of right now.... boring right? 
I hope you all are having better luck with your weight loss and such....

Have and Oh So Wonderful Day!

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