Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sorry its been a few days, there as been a ton of drama going on around here and I am exhausted!  Sleep has not been going to well for me lately, which has caused my sinus infection to continue to linger so I continue to not feel well on top of being sleep deprived.  Good combination right?  My children continue to be sick as well.  Brooke now has croup, the poor child can't stop coughing and there is nothing I can do to help stop the coughing, she needs to cough up the stuff in her lungs.  I think she has the making of an ear infection as well and if that's the case then in the past month all 4 of my children have had ear infections.  Are ear infections contagious?  I wish we there was an instant cure for being sick, wouldn't it be perfect?  It would be nice because then maybe all my children wouldn't be sick and I wouldn't be so damn exhausted and bothering you poor people with how Fing tired I am!  I can go on forever with how tired I am seriously I could!  So as you can see with having sick children there isn't much else going on... We got our taxes done, woo hoo.  I had a decent Valentines day.  The hubby came home and told me I can get an iphone this Friday, so I kinda guess its my Valentines day gift sorta, because he did get me a box of chocolates and a huge bottle of FIGI water, you know the water that is in a square bottle?  Yeah I love that square water!  So that was our Valentines day.  It was pretty eventful, maybe thats not the word, more dramatic then that, but thats a subject I just can't talk about on here.  Sorry I know you really want to know but its just something that I can't tell the public about....

So  I hope I have some better subjects for you later.

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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