Thursday, March 3, 2011

Avon Calling!!

Being a stay at home mom is great but sometimes you need something to keep you busy and since blogging isn't making me and cash I need something to make a little side money, I want to contribute ( I guess, haha).  We need to save some money so that we can move into our own house one day. 

So I went to the website and now I have a meeting on Monday to possibly becoming a representative.  Cool huh?  You know your gonna buy from me right?  Right?  please say right!!  Now I know what your thinking, ( I think I know what your thinking...)  Avon? Why Avon?  Well because the start up fee is mininmal and now that they have online representation and people can just go online, its not all about the door to door anymore.

They do have great products other then makeup as well.  Like I can tell you that the Skin So Soft Bug Gaurd Plus Picaridin pump spray is an awesome product for the kids in the summer.  We tried mosquito sprays on our kids before and they never seemed to work... So last summer when we discovered that Kara is severly allergic to mosquitos we tried this product and she never got bit while wearing it!  She never walked out the door without this bug spray on!  But hey don't get to excited yet, yeah go ahead and check and see if there are any products that you want to buy but wait till next week when I become an Avon representitive before you buy :)  I need customers :)

So thats it for now...

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!


Jessica said...

Selling Avon is a great way for a SAHM to make some extra money. I've been debating over it for probably the last year LOL... not sure how many people I could get to buy from me. Wishing you lots of luck!

Catrina said...

I have been debating it in my head for like 5 years LOL but I finally decided I would give it a try and I spoke to a freind of mine that sells it and she really helped me make the decision to give it a try and really if I don't sell much at least I can get a discount :)