Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home, Oh Sweet Home!

We are home! I am so happy that Carly is able to regulate her oxygen now.. I am so glad we are now home! Last night was a horrible night in the hospital. We had some visitors which I was so happy about but Carly didn't fall asleep until 11:30pm then the respiratory therapist came in at 12am to give her, her breathing treatment so guess what? Yeah you guessed it she woke up! It took another 1/2 hour to get her to fall asleep problem with that? She refused to sleep in her crib so can you guess were she slept? Yep in my arms, I had to sleep in the recliner rocking chair in the room next to her crib which okay it wasn't to uncomfortable but its not very easy to sleep when you are holding a sick infant in your arms in a hospital room, and nurses are constantly coming in and out. Some just came to check her vitals or her temp, breathing treatments were easy when she was completely asleep (as long as they didn't turn the lights on). But then every so often a nurse would come in, and wake me up.... I needed to adjust how she was laying because her oxygen would still drop and as long as we didn't have to give her oxygen we were good. So yeah I was woken up a few times so I could adjust the way she was laying on me. I found out this morning why she had such a rough time sleeping (other then the fact that we were in the hospital and she was getting tired of it), Her 2nd tooth came in last night! So yes that was the reason I slept for shit last night...

It was so great to hear the news that we were going to get to go home this morning. But once home I couldn't rest, nope once home I had to put things away, take a shower and get ready to go register Brooke for kindergarten! Good thing we came home today... Then me and Brooke went looking for a bakery to make her Birthday cake, which unfortunately there are not many bakery's in our area that will do a custom cake for cheap (or even that will do a custom cake). Then we needed to do a big of grocery shopping, because we needed formula. So yes once out of the hospital my day got pretty busy. We just got back from getting Carly's prescriptions and now I must give her, her antibiotic and breathing treatment. This should be fun because she is sleeping and hates taking medicine so wish me luck on that...

I must begin planning Brooke's 5th birthday party, wow really Brooke is almost 5!? Its just crazy how fast your children grow. I mean really how many not even 5 year old children do you know that give themselves a shower and also clean their 2 year old baby sister as well? Yes that is what Brooke did today (and has done before with help) she took a shower with Kara and helped Kara to get herself clean. Sure some of you may be saying how can I make my not even 5 year old daughter give herself a shower but to be honest, once Devin started giving herself showers Brooke decided she was ready, we told her she would have to wait because of though 4 years old was just to young, but she was persistent and kept asking, so we started to teach her what to do, and now she is so confident that she helps Kara out as well. I'm very proud of my little independent girls. I know I'm biased but my girls are little smarties in their own areas. Even as we speak my little 6 month old is giving herself a breathing treatment

Most of her respiratory therapists were surprised that she took so well to the breathing treatments but she has been getting them for over 3 weeks now you would figure she'd be use to them by now haha.  
So tonight I get to sleep in my own bed and hopefully get some sleep.
Have an Oh So Wonderful Day! 

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