Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sucking it in Saturday - Week 12

12 weeks already?

Starting Weight: 202.2 (1/1/11)
Current Weight: 180.2
Total Weight Lost:  22lbs total in 12 weeks!

Starting : (1/1/11)
Waist: 42.5
Hips: 45.5

Waist: 37.5in
Hips: 41in
Total Lost:  5in lost on waist,  4.5in lost on hips total in 12 weeks!!

Wow its been 12 weeks already?  It feels like just yesterday I decided I was going to work my arse off (literally).  I want to Thank Holly Rigsby at Fit Yummy Mummy for giving me this opportunity to try her fabulous weight loss system!  I was skeptical at first, like most people are when trying a new fitness routine.  First and formost I didn't think I would stick with it, I though like every other time that I started exercising that I would give up quickly.  I also didn't think that only 15 minutes a day would do anything but wear me out.  But I tried it and I struggled the first few weeks, not with the exercises they were awesome! But with the eating right, until I realized its all about the calories of course there is no way that I am going to loose weight when I am still eating junk food all the time and not watching my calories.  As soon as I started watching what I ate the weight started to melt off!  I gotta be honest I had hoped that I would have lost 25 or 30lbs during this transformation but I blame it on myself, there were times when I struggled with food or gave myself days off from eating right.  I think if I would have been more hard on myself about the food I would have defiantly lost that much weight.  I defiantly recommend trying out if you are trying to loose that stubborn baby weight!

If you have been following SIIS (Sucking it in Saturday) then you know that I have been using  to watch my calories.  I am horrible at keeping a food journal but with it made keeping a food journal so much easier, I was able to input my foods for the day along with my exercising.  I also have a lot of freinds that use my fitness pal and its a great place for support because you have people joining this journey with you.

Now don't go getting upset thinking this is my final SIIS post because its not... My journey is far from over.  I still have at least 20 more pounds that I want to loose to get to my first big goal.  Once I reach that I will see were I am at in life.  If I like the way I look, if I am content with the way my body is and all that jazz.  I'm sure once I am down to the weight were I am happy I will probably still need to do some toning and such.  So don't you worry SIIS is here to stay (for a while at least). 

So were do I go from here now that my 12 week transformation is over (and may I add again that I am so happy with the Fit Yummy Mummy 12 week transformation?)  Well I have heard a lot of things about Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred and I really wanted to give it a try, so for the next 30 days that is what I will be doing, Shredding the pounds with Jillian.  After the 30 day shred I am not quite sure, again depends on were I am at.  I think maybe I will do the 30 day shred and 12 week transformation but I'm not sure just yet. 

I've really enjoyed sharing my weight loss journey with you all and I hope you all have enjoyed it as well and have been inspired to start your own journeys what ever that maybe. Continue to come back as I work my way to my first goal of  40lbs lost by my 30th birthday this summer!

1/1/11                                                                                        3/26/11

1/1/11                                                                            3/26/11
And there you have it 12 weeks and 22lbs later I feel so much better about myself!

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!!

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