Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yesterday, ah what do I say... Ha gotcha no I didn't go over on calories and yes I did exercise.  While I didn't exercise until noon.  I did get it done, dinner went well, luckily the meal we had was low in calories to begin with it so it worked out great and I was able to have "dessert" which was a mixture of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries, and I was still way under my calorie count (including my exercise).  I was a bit hungry later on but I ignored the urge to snack and to eat my weight in chocolate.  Yes I think if given the chance I probably could eat my weight in chocolate.  Damn that would be a lot of chocolate.  But oh that would have been so good!!
So yesterday before I climbed into bed for a half arse night sleep, I weighed myself, I know thats a stupid thing because of course your going to weigh your heavest at night.  But I did it anyways, I was happy to see that the scale was lower then its been in the last few days.  I woke up this morning and after stepping on the scale a couple times (to make sure that there was for sure a change I am back down to 179.8.  I'm moving back into the right direction.  And while I may not exercise bright and early in the morning (like they say you should) and am exercising, I am eating better which is so hard!  1230 calories isn't much to play with.  But that is were I am at right now on  As long as the scale continues to move in the right direction I think I will keep my sanity.  As long as the scale continues to move in this direction I may grace your computers with a before and current picture this Saturday.  I know your missing them aren't you? haha

But I must go for now as the childrens need me to make them lunch.

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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