Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And So the Process Begins...

So we finally found a house, and we finally found a house that we want and can bid on.  And so the process of getting everything prepared for said bid has begun!  OMG its obviously been a while since I last went through this process and I have forgotten everything that it intails not to mention this time around I am for the most part doing this all alone because the Hubby has to work.  So I must get everything done while dragging children along for the ride.  Yeah this is going to be so much fun!  At this moment I am impatiently waiting for the email from my realestate agent to find out all that I have to do and all the I need to get this going in the right direction.  Once said email is recieved I will begin getting my arse ready to make the 40 minute drive to go get all the paper work in order, Oh and I must get this all done in time to get home and pick #1 up from the bus stop at 4pm! So now you see why I am being so impatient I need to get going here I want to make sure that I get this all done in time (so I dont have to do it again tomorrow).  The really fun part about today?  Running errands with two babies when the weather is 90 degrees out!! Thank God for air conditioning in the vehicle!!!

So it begins... Wish us luck!!

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!!!


Ashley said...

Good luck! Can't wait to hear how everything goes!!!

Whitney said...

Good luck! hopefully its closer to me :)