Thursday, May 26, 2011

Babies aren't the only ones that have teeth pain!

Okay obviously its been forever since I had a cavity filled because I don't ever remember having to get my mouth numbed and then a shot to get a tooth filled before.  Okay don't look at me badly but I'm gonna be completely honest with you all right now... Its been 5 years since I was last in to see the dentist.  The reason being?  We got to the point were we couldn't afford the dentist bills, I loved my dentist and he excepted our insurance but he wasn't in our network so it cost a lot for us to go to the dentist.  So at that point I decided that our kids teeth were more important so we continued to take them to the dentist.  I still took care of my teeth but just didnt visit the dentist. 
We switched dentist lately and yea! I was actually able to go to the dentist finally.  They said my teeth were in good shape for not going to the dentist for so long.  But I had a small cavity starting, today I got my cavity filled.  OMG that was painful!! A) I HATE shots!! B) I forgot about getting the filling, and went to eat dinner and OUCH!! 
The diet is going better I am sticking to it a lot more, and pushing myself harder.  I just wish I had more energy!  I am SO tired all the time and feel like I never get enough sleep. 
Okay yes I am jumping from subject to subject here but does anyone else have a child that is afraid of everything (and I mean every thing!), well one of the many things one of my children are afraid of is the dark, she hates to be alone in the dark (like her room at bed time) but yet she sleeps with a sleeping mask over her eyes!  Does this make since?  It sure in the hell doesn't make since to me!

Well I'm gonna rest.

Have am Oh So Wonderful Night!

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