Monday, May 9, 2011

Back on my horse and trotting along...

So today I got back at counting calories, and sorta exercising.  I guess you can count calisthetics and bike riding exercise right? 
Yep I tried a new video today, haha it was a vcr tape, yeah how ancient are those?  Oh and to make it that much funny guess what it was?  Abs Of Steel!!! My aunt gave it to me and told me to try it out.  I thought about either doing the shred with it or my fit yummy mummy with it.  Not quite sure which one though.  I got tired and only did the abs of steel.  Then later on Devin asked me to go on a bike ride with her, and since its such a nice day we went.  So I still got two exercises in today and spent some great time with my kiddo.    Still not quite sure what I am planning on doing just yet, all I know is in order to loose the weight I wanna loose by my 30th I have to keep at it and stop slacking and screwing up on my calories and exercise.  Not to mention that I feel upset and mad at myself that I see all my freinds and readers who are doing so great and yep I admit I'm a bit jealous they are all doing so wonderfully! 

No matter what I do though I need to find out why in the world my energy levels are so low.  I've been taking the iron pills that the doctors told me to take and they dont seem to working so I think it may be time to make another visit to find out what is going on.

Have and Oh So Wonderful Day!


Jessica said...

I hear ya lady... I am in the same boat as you are right now... no energy, no motivation... last week was ok... but I did horrible over the weekend, and I have failed to find my motivation this week. As a matter of fact... I had ice cream and french fries for dinner, and it was sooooo good LOL I think its something we all go through... we work so hard, and work our selves to exhausted. But I am confident that we will both get back on track and hit our goals. I know you can do it... just look at how far you've come so far. You should be very proud of yourself! P.S. going to try to send your necklace out tomorrow :)

Lora said...

I used to do Sweatin to the Oldies! On a vcr tape too. :-) I still have it, I ought to dig it out and do it with the kids. They would get a kick out of that I'm sure.

Two summers ago I was very anemic. I started eating a lot of beef and spinach, as well as taking an iron supplement. It still took me about 6 months to regain my energy. I wish you luck on that journey, it's no fun to have no energy!