Sunday, May 8, 2011

Great ending to a Great weekend....

Well let me first off say Happy Mothers Day to all the Mommies out there!!  I hope you had a wonderful day with your families!  I know I sure did, thanks for asking (hehe).  I got home from my busy day to see that I had won a contest! Yeah ain't that a great way to end a mothers day?  I sure think so! I won a cute flower necklace from the blog Sassy Sippy Cups & Sticky Sarcasam, you can check out her blog and while you are at it if you like the necklace that I just won, then you can go head over to her Etsy shop 
Pretty Lil Pieces and check out her other selection of necklaces. 
So what a great end to a great weekend. 
I'm only going to say that the diet was out the window still, but tomorrow I promise I'm back at it!  I am hating myself right now for letting myself go lately and I am not longer going to allow!  Remember No More Excuses!
Saturday we had a great day over at the in laws and finished off the day playing Hide & Seek!  Everyone had a great time.  If you were wondering there were my 4 kiddo's (if you can really count Carly since she had no choice anyways) and 7 adults playing.  We all had so much fun and probably would have not stopped playing if the kids hadn't gotten so warn out.  If only they would have been so warn out that they would have slept in this morning but nope they were up bright and early!  I was so exhausted this morning but like I said it was great!
We've got two teething babies in the house right now.  Kara is getting her two year molars, if you have kids who have gone through this you know how stinking crabby, cranky and painful this can be.  Carly is getting her top two teeth, one has already broke through but the other one will be in any day now. So again you know how cranky a teething child can be.  We had a visit with Brooke's Pediatrician the other day to go through her Asthma action plan.  I really do not understand why her previous doctors never went through this stuff with us before.  We now know the signs of her asthma acting up and what we should do.  She does not have attacks like most people with asthma, she coughs A LOT when she is having an asthma attack.   I never really realized until now, how often she was probably having asthma problems and didn't even know about it!  While we were playing hid & seek last night she began coughing, normally I would have chocked it up to it getting colder outside and maybe her starting to get sick.  But we checked her air flow and sure enough she was starting to have an attack, and we were able to give her a treatment from her inhaler.  I'm just glad we can finally take care of this matter and she won't have to suffer.  Unfortunately Carly is beginning to (as my neighbor calls it) purring, she is congested and it does sound as though she is purring like a kitty.  My grandma said it seems like her chest was rattling which I hope is not the case.  I really don't want to have to deal with her getting pneumonia again!  So for now we sit back and watch (and listen) and see if its just a cold or something worse.
But for now its time for me to go as I am very tired!

Have an Oh So Wonderful Night!

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