Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oops, I did it AGAIN!!!

What do you do?
What do you say?
Where do you go?
When do you pray?

When life has you stressed and you have no clue on were to turn.
Where do you find strength? 
What gets you through it?
Who is your support?

I did great yesterday and thought things would continue to go good.  Then today rolled around... While most of the day was just fine and dandy, things took a turn when we went to go look at a house.  That's when the stress and depression kicked in and that's when the I began to eat.  I over did it on my second day back, I didn't over do it as much as I normally do but I had a few cookies and a bottle of Starbucks mocha frappiccino, I also don't think dinner was to healthy either but I think I would have been okay if it wasn't for the Starbucks and cookies.  I let the stress of house hunting get to me, which I know is a big mistake since I eat when I am stressed or depressed.  I am indeed an emotional eater, and of course what happens when I over ate?  I get even more depressed!  Why can't there be an easier way to all this weight loss crap that wasn't so damned expensive?  Why can't life be more simple?  Why does buying (or even finding a house to live in) have to be so damn stressful and complicated?
I wish that I didn't keep having these damn posts about screwing, it seems like all I ever do anymore on here is post about how crappy I am doing on my diet and how pissed off I am at myself.  It seems like a never ending battle anymore, I just don't see me reaching my goal by my 30th.  I know the weight I have lost thus far is a great accomplishment and I am proud of myself for that but its not enough!  I'm still not happy were I am but for some reason I keep continuing to be a complete disappointment to myself!  I don't know maybe one day I will get my act straight and get to were I want to be......

Have an Oh So Wonderful Night!

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Amber~parentingpains said...

Hi, just browsing through some blogs and read yours. Hey, don't be so hard on yourself, seriously. It's not worth and like you said, it make you more upset...maybe this will make you feel better. I had a baby 11 mths ago and pregnant I gained 40 lb, I actually was ok with that BUT 2 months after birth, I gained another 20 lb's!! Without ever losing the the 40...ya with me. Ya, sucks.