Monday, May 16, 2011

Ear infections and Class trips

We had a late night run to the emergency room last night, miss Kara kept waking up screaming (and I mean screaming/crying) that her ear hurt.  So I took her in and sure enough she has an ear infection, so no shes on zithromax and tylonal with codeine for pain (mainly to help her sleep).  She slept in a bit this morning, and later I looked at her ear only to find that she has a ruptured ear drum :( 
Thankfully she seems to be doing okay today.  She napped for a while, and is now awake again.  The bad news is she probably needs ear tubes and the ENT can't get her in until July.  This is her 4th ear infection this year.  Yes 4 ear infections in 5 months.  I just hope that if she gets the tubes placed that it will help her.  Devin does good when she has her tubes, problem is that when they fall out she has all sorts of problems again. 
Okay I am sure there are all sorts of parents out there that have chaperoned their kids field trip before but to be honest, I never have.  Ever since Devin has been in school I have had another child to take care of so I never volunteered.  Devin has been begging me and begging me to chaperoned a field trip.  So finally my mom said that I needed to chaperon a field trip, she told me she would watch the other girls.  The field trip is this week and as it has gotten closer and closer I am getting more nervous, really don't ask me why but I am.  I'm not a person who likes to be in charge of big things.  No, really I'm serious, at the kids birthday parties up until this year I would make my mom or grandma tell everyone that it is time to open presents or make them start singing Happy Birthday. Seriously this is my family and I still have issues.  Well at least I am better with dealing with children, so I should do better but I just hope I don't end up with any rowdy kiddos.  I guess we will see how things go this week... 

Have an Oh So Wonderful Night!


Niki said...

Here to say thanks and return the follow :)

DP said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

I hope your little girl feels better. Ear infections suck big time!

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